Lifetime Cash-Flow Modelling

Lifetime Cash-Flow Modelling is a key component of our Wealth Planning proposition and is also provided as a stand-alone service.

Cash-flow modelling is a highly successful, innovative way of connecting people with their money, creating a detailed financial planning structure showing where they are now, and the progress towards their future goals. For example:

  • How can I afford to retire at 60, or at least reduce work commitments?
  • What would be the effect on our financial future of giving our kids £25,000 as a deposit for a home?
  • If I retired at 60 how long would we be able to maintain our planned lifestyle, when would the money run out?
  • What kind of growth do I need my portfolio to produce to meet my plans in retirement?
  • How do I plan an orderly financial succession without jeopardising our lifestyle and financial security?

No plan is perfect regardless of the rigour and detail in its construction. Cash-flow modelling, as part of your regular review helps highlight where gaps may open up and circumstances demand a rethink. The big advantage for clients is the ability to literally see what their financial future may look like, incorporate any proposed changes and examine the impact before going ahead. It helps everyone stay on track.