Tax Advisory

Working closely with our established team of tax specialists, we offer a fully integrated financial and tax planning service catering to all of your individual, family and business needs.

Together we can provide expert advice including:

Inheritance Tax and succession planning

A growing demand from families seeking to ensure an orderly and efficient transfer of assets to the next generation led us to highlight this service.

The loss of inherited wealth as it passes down the generations is significant. There are a number of causes. Lack of education and engagement being the principle culprits. By creating opportunities for families to meet, discuss and plan together, we can deliver better understanding and outcomes for clients.

Our Tax Team has extensive experience in all aspects of Inheritance Tax (IHT), succession and Trust planning.

Our aim is to protect and preserve your family wealth by balancing your desire to maintain your standard of living whilst providing for future generations in the most tax-efficient manner by:

  • Quantifying your current exposure to IHT
  • Advising on the optimum use of available tax reliefs
  • Providing guidance on IHT mitigation strategies including Family Trusts
  • Considering the interaction of IHT with other taxes
  • Working with your solicitor to ensure that your Wills adequately give effect to your wishes

Tax Efficient Investments

We believe that our success as Financial Planners centres around a solid investment strategy based on your current financial requirements, attitude to risk and long term objectives.

Our service is enhanced by working closely with our tax colleagues to ensure that we make your money work in the most tax-effective manner. We aim to mitigate exposure to Income Tax, take advantage of available Capital Gains Tax reliefs and minimise exposure to Inheritance Tax by advising on investments including:

  • Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs)
  • Pensions
  • Enterprise Investment Schemes (EISs)
  • Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs)

Pension Tax Advice

Let our team of financial and tax experts guide you through an ever-changing arena of pension savings.

We can manage the investment of your personal pension funds whilst also advising on:

  • Income Tax reliefs available on personal pension contributions
  • Pension savings for minors
  • Pension savings as a means of Inheritance Tax and succession planning
  • The appropriateness of Final Salary/Occupation pension scheme within your financial plan
  • Profit extraction for owner managed businesses via pensions

Tax Mitigation for Business Owners

As a Business Owner your business interests will most likely form a substantial part of your overall personal wealth.

We understand the need to protect the value that you have worked hard to build up. We want you to feel confident that our cohesive financial and tax planning service will expertly advise you on:

  • Optimising all available tax reliefs during the lifetime of your business
  • Planning for the future succession of your business
  • Securing Entrepreneurs’ Relief on a business disposal
  • Financial planning in relation to re-investing the proceeds of disposal