Advanced Financial Planning

Advanced Financial Planning is a key component of our Wealth Management service and is also provided as a stand-alone service.

The intention of Advanced Financial Planning is to ensure that your financial house is in order so that you can achieve and/or maintain your desired lifestyle. As with Investment Consulting, its significance flows directly from what’s important to you.

Depending on your current personal & financial position and your desired lifestyle, Advanced Financial Planning will focus on at least one of the following four strategies:

Wealth Creation

Aims to produce the best possible investment returns, consistent with how much risk you are 'willing', 'able' and 'need' to take, whilst minimising the impact of tax e.g. income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax.

Wealth Preservation

Aims to preserve the value of your investments in real terms over the medium to long-term and also, to eliminate the potential risks from long-term illness and/or disability, critical illness and death by transferring the risk to insurance companies. Your assets can also be exposed to business risks and risks from incapacity, relationships and taxation.

Wealth Transfer

Aims to efficiently transfer your wealth to successive generations, your selected heirs e.g. children and/or grandchildren.

Charitable Giving

Aims to help you and your family make a real difference to the causes and communities you care about in a strategic, organised and tax-efficient way. "It is more difficult to give money away intelligently than it is to earn it in the first place." Andrew Carnegie.

Your success in life, is our success in business.