"I had never needed investment advice before, but when my mother passed away I needed some help knowing what to do with the inheritance I received. My solicitor suggested that I contact AAB Wealth, and I met with Simon Glazier who has been a great help to me throughout the process. He took the time to understand what was important to me, both in terms of my values and my goals, and he made sure that I understood everything as I went along.

Simon has given me confidence to know that I have enough money to live off, and that I can splash out on a few things. I want to be a good steward of my wealth, and Simon helps me in this, both making sure that I have enough when I need it and that I'm saving tax where and when I can.

Simon has become my trusted adviser and, although my affairs are no doubt quite simple compared to many, I have the peace of mind in knowing that my money is being invested in a way that I understand, by someone I trust, and that I can call on Simon whenever I need advice, reassurance or, for that matter, to access my investments."

Meryl, Aberdeenshire