"Simon assisted Harran Limited with the transition of our Group Personal Pension Plan from and older, expensive and not very well performing scheme to a new, more cost effective scheme.

Although we were still some time away from our Auto-Enrolment Staging Date, Simon suggested that we ensure that the new scheme would be compliant with Pension Reform so that when the time came we didn't have to re-address this issue. In so doing he recommended a new pension provider and this has significantly improved the administrative efficiency of our company pension provision.

During our consultations Simon was very helpful in explaining the options open to us, and the possible consequences of each course of action. He recommended that we implement Salary Exchange as a way of further benefitting employees whilst also being able to offset some of the ongoing costs. Then, when it came to rolling out the new scheme Simon and his team engaged with our staff about the reasons and benefits for the change, and also provided some individual advice for those who required it. We had a very high take up of the scheme, which I now believe has added real value to Harran in terms of both employee recruitment and retention.

All in all I have been very satisfied with the service that Simon and AAB Wealth provided, and I would not hesitate to recommend their services to any other small business owners."

Ralph, Managing Director, Aberdeenshire