"When I was introduced to Simon Glazier at AAB Wealth by my accountant, my wife and I had a diverse portfolio of over 30 different investments, with a dozen different providers and almost a hundred different funds. The amount of mail I was getting from all these providers about all these investments was horrendous.

After taking the time to analyse all of our existing investments Simon recommended a Wrap Platform as the way forward. We could consolidate all of our holdings into one place, which would be easily accessible, and far easier to manage. He explained in very clear language the difference between all of the investment types, and also the advantages and disadvantages of each, giving us all the information we needed to decide how to proceed.

Not only that, but Simon and his team spent a lot of time, working with my accountant, to make sure that I paid as little tax on the investments I already had as he began to move them onto the Wrap (some of which had gains going back almost 40 years). He was patient, thorough and systematic.

Now we know exactly what we have invested, that the money is invested in the most tax efficient way, and at any time we can contact Simon, or go online, and find out how our investments are doing. (Oh, and the postman is far happier too)."

Alex, Aberdeenshire