"When I was first introduced to Simon Glazier of AAB Wealth I had a variety of policies including ISAs, an Investment Bond and pensions including a Drawdown Pension I had inherited from my husband several years ago. Although my affairs weren't overly complex i felt i didn't have a full understanding of where all my money was invested, how it was invested, whether I was getting the best value out of my investments and certainly I had no idea what all these plans were costing me.

Simon first established what I was trying to achieve with all these plans. He asked what my future goals were and what level of income I was trying to achieve. He then explained the advantages and disadvantages of each of the plans I had in place. I agreed to let Simon review each of my existing policies and he was able to show me where my money was invested, how it had been performing over the past few years, and what I was paying in fees for it all.

He then made some recommendations to change the structure of my portfolio to reduce how much I was paying, to save tax, to keep my investments at the right level of risk and, importantly to me to simplify things. Simon spent over a year slowly making changes to get the most tax efficiency for me and saved me a lot of tax by doing so.

I feel for the first time I know what I am trying to achieve with my savings and investments, that I am using the right type investment, am not paying too much, and that there is someone I can turn to for help whenever I need it."

Norma, Renfrewshire