"I have not always had confidence in financial advisers in the past, some of whom seemed to be more like sales people than competent advisers. When I agreed to meet Simon I was very skeptical and rather doubted that I would place my business with him.

Understanding my concerns, Simon Glazier spent time presenting AAB Wealth's investment proposition, and making sure I understood it fully, before moving on to my financial planning needs. I found that he was technically competent and was able to answer any questions that I put to him, about a variety of tax and investment issues.

There was no pressure. The process took several meetings. At any point I could have decided not to move forward with ABB Wealth and walked away at no cost to myself. This built up tremendous trust and confidence in Simon and his teams ability.

After dealing with my personal position, Simon also helped my partner consolidate her pensions, which might otherwise have been a costly exercise as there were several small schemes she had accumulated over the past years.

He then went on to make some suggestions regarding my mother's affairs, over whom I have Power of Attorney. These suggestions were both appropriate, taking into account my responsibilities towards both her welfare and financial care, but also a little 'out of the box' and not the mainstream solutions which I had been considering. I anticipate that these will help me reduce her Inheritance Tax liability without losing control or access to her capital.

Simon finally suggested that I should take some legal advice in the areas of Wills, Powers of Attorney and Trusts, and he is providing me with a recommendation of a local solicitor to help me with these."

Alastair, Aberdeenshire