"I approached Simon Glazier with a variety of pensions and the 'simple' question of 'How much can I invest this year?'

Simon quickly pointed out that the question was far from simple due to a complex set of pension regulations that meant a detailed analysis of my pensions was required going back several years before the question could be answered. Not only that but Simon felt that some of the information he received from my pension providers was not only incorrect, but could have led to a significant tax liability had I taken it at face value.

Simon persevered and eventually established the correct information, allowing me to top my pension up with the confidence that I wouldn't be subject to a tax penalty. He also helped simplify my pension by consolidating them and also reducing the costs I was paying.

I couldn't have done this by myself, and Simon helped me understand what was going on each step of the way."

Gill, Aberdeenshire