"I was first introduced to Simon when I wanted to set up a Trust for my children, investing money for their future, and using the Trust as a tax efficient way of passing the money to them in order to reduce future Inheritance Tax Liability.

Since then, Simon has also assisted in pension planning, not only simplifying and consolidating my pension plans, but also helping me benefit from additional tax advantages of using Salary Exchange to save National Insurance on pension contributions.

At our latest meeting, while I was satisfied with the returns on the portfolio, Simon pointed out that these were long term investments and there was a likelihood that the portfolio value could fall in future years. He reiterated that I needed to be happy with the service provided and the advice I was given, because I would still be paying for his services. I believe that I have received value for money to-date on the services that have been provided by Simon."

Jack, Operations Director, Aberdeenshire